Enersol Engineering logo, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Enersol Engineering, Harare, Zimbabwe provides energy installations, testing, commissioning, audits, surveys and training services.

Enersol Engineering is an innovative energy solutions firm based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The company has interests in renewable and non renewable electrical energy, civil engineering and architectural services. We are a budding yet aggressive local company offering comprehensive consultancy, design,

installation and maintenance services for secure and efficient energy infrastructure.


We provide dedicated and responsible project management across all phases, from the planning to commission of a project. We boast of a high level of expertise through competent and committed human resources providing guaranteed peace of mind for our clients.


Enersol Engineering, Harare, Zimbabwe sells enerrgy hardware products.


5 Tweed Road, Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe

+263 4 490 174 / +263 772 287 675 / +263 783 283 181 / +263 714 666 741

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